On the morning of August 31, 1911 the French Louvre museum was closed to visitors. The famous Mona Lisa painting was stolen from a man dressed up as maintenance guy when no one was looking. He rolled up the painting and hid it under his clothes and walked out the museum.

No one noticed it till the next day when the museum opened to the public. The Louvre (French museum) officially announce the Mona Lisa painting was stolen! The audacious man was a simple handyman from Italy, Vincenzo Peruggia. He is the one that built the glass fronted frame. Vincenzo was connected to the theft only when in November 1913 he wrote to Alfredo Geri, and art dealer in Florence that he has stolen the painting  only for patriotic reasons and wanted to return the painting to Italy.

Vincenzo was arrested, but he received a light sentence and he was almost release immediately for time served, his act was saw as an heroic light. The painting was returned to her secure home in Paris.

He was caught two years later trying to sell the piece to an Italian museum in Perugia, and got off with a one-year sentence.